Karunai Illam (children’s home)

PURA has established a children’s home during the year 1993 with 7 children. The number of children homes is at present inadequate to meet the needs of growing orphaned and abandoned children. If we leave them unattended they are likely to end up as child laborers or anti-social elements. Hence we started a poor Children’s Home (MERCY HOME) in a rented building. Presently 50 girl children have been accommodated and provided with free education, Health, food and boarding. The We have children from the age group 5-18 as inmates.


Assistance for Higher Education

PURA has been helping poor girls who have no access to higher education by taking the responsibility of paying their fees, and meeting their requirements such as uniforms and notebooks. There are 15 girls studying in colleges and technical Instituitions.

Children’s Collectives

We have organized the village children as groups. We have organized 10 groups of children at Navalkadu, Mavaravilai, Attukonam, North Soorankudi, Elanthayadithattu, Thittuvilai, Ettamadai, and Mathias Nagar. We stimulate the children for savings; encourage them in sports and education.

Women self help groups (SHG’s)

  • We have organized 80 women SHGs and 6 Men SHGs. In the association SHG meeting several subjects are being discussed.
  • Matters related to Health, Sanitation, and Herbal medicine etc. Important current national and state news
  • Social problems like violence against women, dalits and children, corruption, Alcoholism, Dowry harassment and local issues etc.
  • Sharing the development of the self help groups etc

Cutural Programme

PURA’s cultural troop is mostly giving performances in Kanyakumari District, which is our working area. Performing folk art events like traditional dances with folk songs and street plays on social issues for awareness building and motivation. The important themes covered are sustainable livelihood promotion, rainwater harvesting, violence against women, gender inequalities and impact of globalisation on rural poor women, children and Dalits and the importance of herbal medicines.

Skill training programme to SC/ST women through MSME

A 10 days training on the title of “Alternate sources on economic development” was organized to the adivasi (tribal) men and women at Mothiramalai and training on the same topic was organized at Pathukani with stipend.

A 7 days training on the title of “Alternate sources on economic development” was organized to the Scheduled Caste men and women of Rajakkamangalam and Thakkalai blocks with stipend. This programme was held in PURA office premises. The participants were given stipend. Ink making, pain balms, toy making, digestive liquid making were taught in the programme.

Health awareness camps

The tribal people don’t have any access to hospital facilities. So, PURA has been conducting health camps in Vellambi,Koovakadu,Kalikesam and Kuttiar hilly regions . PURA has been training them in preparing medicines out of medicinal plants. PURA conducted medical camps, eye camps, dermatological camps and pulse polio camps.

Acupuncture Treatment

We also conduct camps on Acupuncture with the help of Doctors from AROKIALAYA, Madurai. Dr.Mrs.Vasanthi, Acupuncture Doctor treated the patients who attended the camp. A special treatment has been given to 16 deaf and dump cases.

Workshop on Family Welfare

To protect the men & family members who fell victims of family problems a workshop wass conducted at Rotary community hall. Legal rights of such family members and men were discussed in the workshop.Nearly 75 persons who were victimized by family issues and lawyers attended the workshop.

A Workshop organized with the NGO representatives on eradication of plastics in the district

To protect the environment plastics which were non-conducive to the soil,water & air and were polluting such resources were totally banned in the district with the efforts of PURA  & the local administration. As an alternative source PURA introduced cloth bags and campaigned throughout the district.

NGO Coordination meeting by NCRI & PURA

Knowledge connectivity in Rural industries-A workshop conducted jointly by PURA  &  Ministry of HRD, Government of India. PURA is a member of IAG Tamil Nadu. The team conducts awareness programme on disaster management in villages.

Empowerment of adivasi community

Pura has been working in 48 Adivasi Hamlets of Kanyakumari district. Siemenpuu Foundation of Finland has been sponsoring the programme. It is a initial startup programme assisted by Siemenpuu Foundation. The project is need based since there is a need for alternate employment. The children of adivasis are either qualified up to middle school and doing their traditional jobs or educated up to undergraduate level and are unemployed.

The forest right Act was implemented in Khani villages in 3 phases. The entire villages were segmented in to 4 clusters at Keeriparai, Arumanai, Petchiparai and Kuttiar and the programme was conducted in 3 stages.

Training on income generation activities

We have provided training on coir production and banana fibre processing to filariasis affected persons. Subsequently we have issued coir machines to the trainees with the financial aid of Charity Aid Foundation.The young women in our project area were selected as beneficiaries in our palm leaf training .They were also trained in marketing of the produce.